LIGHT YOUR INTUITION | Dark Blue Jade | Sapphire CZ Diamond EVIL EYE Pull Tie Bracelet

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Blue Jade

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      Evil Eye Beaded Yoga Bracelets. Meditation Mens Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.  Reiki Healing Bracelets.

      Protection Removes Negativity

      The Evil Eye Symbol is meant to “reflect” the power of the evil look and direct the evil intent back to the onlooker.

      The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, which is usually directed towards a person who is unaware.

      Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause one misfortune, bad luck or injury.

      The evil eye amulet originated in Greece, where it was known as an “apotropaic” amulet, meaning that it reflected harm. 

      Blue Jade Beaded Bracelets. Mens Bracelets. Yoga Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.  Reiki Healing Bracelets. Meditation Jewelry.

      Peace | Calming | Spiritual Awakening | Intuition Meditation
      Primary Chakra: Throat | Third Eye
      Astrological sign: Libra | Pisces 

      Blue Jade calms the mind, encouraging peace and reflection, and is valuable in promoting visions and dreams.

      Blue Jade assists in hearing the inner voices of your spirit guides, as well as trusting your own instincts when making life choices.

      It stimulates spiritual sensitivity and psychic abilities.

      Contributing serenity and harmony in any situation, Blue Jade can help with emotionally charged issues.  

      Wear Blue Jade to help with issues needing your focused attention

      Blue Jade can help end confusion, bringing clarity of mind and inner peace.