Mantra Motivation Bracelet | Picture Jasper | NAMASTE Bead Bracelet

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Picture Jasper

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Namaste Jewelry Bracelet Mala.

Namaste means “I bow to you.” 

It used as a greeting and a farewell.

The spiritual meaning of namaste conveys that “the divine in me respectfully recognizes the divine in you.” 

Namaste invokes the feeling of spiritual oneness of heart and mind with the other person.

Picture Jasper Beaded Yoga Bracelets. Meditation Mens Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.  Reiki Healing Bracelets.

Fearless | Self-Confidence | Nurturing | Creativity |  Visualization | Courage | Self Esteem | Manifesting 
Primary Chakras: Root | Third Eye
Astrological signs: Leo | Capricorn

The swirling patterns and banding that adorn Picture Jasper are said to be images from the past that Mother Earth is willing us to see. These images may lead to a better understanding of our past fears.

Picture Jasper gives us the chance to see the bigger picture and move forward with courage and confidence. 

Use this stunning stone to begin a new business venture without the fear of failure.

A stone of creative visualization, Picture Jasper can be an aide in bringing your goals and dreams into reality.

Because of its connection to the earth, Picture Jasper is wonderful stone to work with for conservationists. 

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”.

It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness.

Used in healing, Jasper unifies all aspects of your life. Jasper reminds people to help each other.