Gemstone: Jasper - Yellow


Yellow Jasper Jewelry.

Anxiety Relief | Relieve Stress |  Spirituality | Optimism | Balance | Removes Negativity Transformation | Protection
Primary Chakra: Solar Plexus
Astrological signs: Leo

Yellow Jasper is a wonderful blend of earthy yellows with some cream and grey areas.

It sustains and supports through times of stress and brings tranquility. 

Yellow Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang.

Yellow Jasper is great for protection during spiritual work. It is a companion stone, helping to guide you through these earth experiences and to keep you moving on your life path. Yellow Jasper is a wonderful stone to protect and clear the body of environmental toxins and impurities.

If you or someone you love is clumsy or accident prone, a gift of Yellow Jasper will help to ease these issues. Wear Yellow Jasper when you need a boost of positive energy to infuse the body, mind and soul.

As with all Jaspers, Yellow Jasper will also help to absorb pain, sustain and support during times of stress, and bring tranquility and wholeness.

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