Gemstone: Pearl - Mother of Pearl


Love | Intuition | Prosperity | Removes Negativity | Imagination

Mother of Pearl has both traditional and New Age metaphysical and healing lore.

It is said to attract prosperity. It is used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity, and imagination.

It is purported to protect from negative influence, and transmute negative energy. It is said to be highly protective and a particularly potent stone of protection for children.

Because of its potency, Mother of Pearl will guide you in discovering your hidden potentials and encourage you to use them.

The energies of this stone will invite you to use your inner wisdom, and to do everything with heart and intellect.

It will also encourage you to express your thoughts and emotions ardently and reflectively.

Mother of Pearl will allow the easy flow of energy in your body and spirit.  It will also attract strong kinships and warm relationships with the people around you.

MOTHER OF PEARL AFFIRMATION: I trust my intuition and divine knowledge.  


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