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 Black Opal Yoga Meditation Mala Bracelet. Healing Spiritual Bead. Chakra Aura.

Precious Opal with a dark body color, usually black or dark gray, deep blue or green; the deep body color makes the iridescent play of color strikingly different from light Opals.

Black Opal is considered to be extremely lucky and the most uplifting of the Opals, bringing Light into the aura. It eases distress and dissolves depression and hopelessness, helping one face their darkest fears and to release that which is holding one back.

Linking the Root and Crown Chakras, Black Opal connects one’s highest spiritual aspirations with one’s physical body, making it a powerful magnifier of intention and manifestation. It is a protective stone for deep inner work, soul retrieval or past-life recall, and can be used for “gazing” into the past, present or future.

It is highly prized as a power stone for magic ritual and can be used for “reading eyes” in order to scry the truthfulness or intent of a person.

Black Opal is a Storm element stone of death and re-birth, and utilizes Fire energy.

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LOVE: Moonstone | Black Opal | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

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