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  • Yoga Bracelets. #LOA. Law of Attraction. Womens Mens I Energy Healing Beaded & Charm Yoga Mala I Meditation & Mantra I Spiritual | karma arm.  Raku Om Peruvian.
  • Yoga Bracelets Manifesting Meditation Tibetan Buddhist Beaded Mala Men & Women. #LOA Law of Attraction. OM.
  • Bracelet Energy Healing | Mens Womens | beaded yoga karma mala charm. Law of Attraction. manifest. #LOA. Wood Raku Om.
  • Bracelets I Beaded & Charm Yoga Mala I Meditation & Mantra I Spiritual. Om. Law of Attraction #LOA. 12mm Wood.
  • Yoga bracelet - Law of Attraction. manifest. #LOA Energy Healing Womens charm chakra beaded stacks. Raku Om Wood.
  • Yoga Bracelets. Men Women. Beaded Prayer Mantra Spiritual Mala. Raku OM 12mm Wood.

BE PRESENT: Wood | Raku OM Yoga Mala Bead Bracelet

$ 60.00

Ivory Wood | Raku Om

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Wood Beads. Yoga bracelets. Women's & Men's Beaded Bracelets. Yoga Meditation Chakra Healing. Law of attraction LOA.

MANTRA: I live in the present.

  • 10mm Ivory Wood Beads
  • 12mm Raku OM Symbol
  • Commercial Strength, Latex-Free Elastic Band
  • Artisan Crafted in our West Hollywood Studio

The Om Sign (or Aum sound) is the past, the present, and the future, all that was, all that is, all that will be is om.
"A" stands for Creation
"U" stands for Preservation
"M" stands for Destruction or Dissolution
The three letters also indicates three planes of existence, heaven (swarga), earth (martya), and netherworld (patala).

Raku Ceramic Yoga Mala Bead Bracelets | Men & Women

Raku pottery's interesting rainbow like glaze effects are created through a unique firing process. The piece is sealed in a glaze with high copper content. The pottery is fired like any other ceramic, but is removed while the glaze is still molten hot. The piece is then placed in a bin of combustible materials. These ignite, causing a reaction with the copper, resulting in a colorful luster and irregular surface patterns.


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