FU SHOU: Felicity & Longevity: Unakite | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

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      MANTRA: I will manifest the blessing of calm.

      • 8mm Unakite Natural Gemstones
      • Antiqued Silver Fu Shou Talisman
      • Commercial Strength, Latex-Free Elastic Band
      • Handmade in our Austin Studio

      Fu Shou : Felicity & Longevity

      The character fu is "good fortune, blessings, happiness." It denotes being happy as the result of being lucky. The character is prominently displayed on doors, often upside-down, as "turn upside-down" and a word meaning "arrive" are homophones; in other words, to say "luck upside-down" sounds like "luck is coming."

      The character shou stands for longevity. In Taoism, life is everything, without which, nothing is left. So the current life (as opposed to the afterlife) is overwhelmingly valued. Thus the desire to live longer is the goal of life.

      Shou and fu co-exist; to live long is to have fu.

      Unakite Yoga Bead Bracelet Healing Mala spiritual jewelry

      Balance | Stress Release | Manifesting | Sleep | Visions | Sobriety
      Primary Chakras: Heart, Third Eye
      Astrological signs: Scorpio

      Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies, and provides gentle release of energetic blockages. It helps us to move on from outmoded beliefs from the past. Unakite can also be used for help with past-life regression therapy, and facilitates the understanding of previous events and their roles in the current incarnation.

      A stone of vision, Unakite can open and activate the Third Eye Chakra to receive spiritual insights from higher realms. 
      It works through the third eye chakra and aids you to visualize the things you desire in your life.

      Unakite is a stone that encourages visionary abilities by opening your psychic vision.

      It has an excellent balancing action for your emotions, bringing your emotions into line with your spiritual aspects.

      This is one of the healing crystals that will assist better sleep, and will also help to relieve stress.

      Addictive habits that you have had difficulty dealing with, will be helped by its energy.

      It will give you help to break through the barriers that have held you back from being able to achieve your desires.

      Unakite's grounding effect can bring a calming influence to any environment, and is great for the workplace or the home, sending out peaceful vibes to all those nearby.

      Physically, Unakite is said to be good for the reproductive system, for healthy pregnancies, and for the healthy development of unborn babies.

      Unakite can also protect against electromagnetic pollution from computers or cell phones. Unakite is also used during recovery from trauma or major illnesses, helping the cells to "remember" the state of perfect health.