I LOVE YOU Sign Language | Ocean Jasper | Charm Pull Tie Bracelet

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Ocean Jasper

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    • 8mm Ocean Jasper Natural Gemstones 
    • 18K White Gold Finish Stainless Steel | I LOVE YOU | Sign Language Charm
    • Grey Nylon Cord | Adjustable Pull Tie Closure
    • Handmade in our Austin Studio


    Ocean Jasper Beaded Bracelets. Mens Bracelets. Yoga Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.  Reiki Healing Bracelets. Meditation Jewelry.  copy

    Love | Meditation | Anxiety Relief | Relieve Stress | Calming | Joy | Optimism |  Happiness | Healing | Removes Negativity | Strength | Self-Confidence
    Primary Chakras: Heart | Solar Plexus
    Astrological signs: Libra | CancerScorpio

    Ocean Jasper ignites the heart chakra with unconditional love.

    Ocean Jasper helps to alleviate stress, turning negative thoughts into positive action. 

    Its an excellent stone is you need a jolt of joyful energy.

    Working through your solar plexus chakra, Ocean Jasper enhances your personal power, giving you more self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

    From Madagascar, Ocean Jasper is a diverse pattern of greens, whites, browns, oranges and pinks.

    Ocean Jasper is believed to be linked to the lost city of Atlantis and to hold mystic knowledge.