JOYFUL ENERGY | Faceted White Jade | CZ Diamond Meditation Bracelet

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White Jade | Gunmetal Diamond

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MANTRA: I am loved.

      White Jade Beaded Bracelets. Mens Bracelets. Yoga Bracelets.

      Love | Calming | Grounding | Healing | Removes Negativity | Peace | Harmony | Good Luck | Optimism
      Primary Chakras: Heart | Crown
      Astrological signs: Libra | Pisces

      White Jade is a calming, grounding stone that also protects the wearer from negative energies.

      It brings peace, harmony and luck.

      This stone is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful.  It will make challenges seem easier, and it will make your troubled mind calmer.

      White Jade's powerful healing energies are known for their ability to purify the energies of your heart.

      White Jade has the ability to increase or enhance the energy of love in your life.

      White jade will help you with dream work and prophetic dreams, it raises your consciousness gently and safely.