FRESH START | Green Moss Agate | DOVE Bracelet

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Green Moss Agate

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    Dove Beaded Yoga Bracelets. Meditation Mens Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.  Reiki Healing Bracelets.

    Love | Fidelity | Peace | Good Luck | Spirituality | New Beginnings | Prosperity

    Doves are symbolic of new beginnings, peace, fidelity, love, luck and prosperity.  

    The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. 

     Some iconography show Mary being blessed by a dove at the moment of Annunciation, and Jesus was blessed by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove at his baptism. 

    Green Moss Agate Beaded Bracelets. Mens Jewelry. BoHo Jewelry . Reiki Healing. Meditation. Gifts. Buddhist Necklaces. Chakra Keychains and Key Rings. Festival Jewelry. Yoga Bracelets.

    LoveDepression Relief | New BeginningsProsperity | Abundance | Optimism | Self Esteem | Calming
    Primary Chakras: Heart | Crown
    Astrological signs:  Virgo

    Green Moss Agate is associated with nature and new beginnings

    Moss Agate brings Earth energy into its healing.  The gentle, nurturing energy of Moss Agate encourages the user to appreciate and enjoy each moment on Earth, and assists the planet in its healing as well.

    Green Moss Agate helps to release old habits and promote forgiveness

    It also attracts wealth and abundance, improves self-esteem, and helps to calm and release fears. 

    Green Moss Agate also comforts and soothes emotional wounds. 

    Use Moss Agate to balance the Heart Chakra when releasing stress.  Moss Agate helps with depression, especially when caused by brain imbalances. 

    In general, Agates carry a quiet energy and are great for achieving stability and balance in many aspects of one’s life. 

    Agates tend to work behind the scenes on the cause, instead of the symptom, of an issue.  Agate is believed to improve mental functions and can help where issues of clarity and stability are concerned. 

    Agate is also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras.  Although they work very slowly and deliberately, this gentle nature of Agate helps them to have a lasting impact.