SUPERMAN | Red Jasper | Superhero ComicCon CosPlay Bracelet

$ 60.00 USD

Red Jasper | Silver Superman

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Superman lore states that the "S" is not for Superman, but rather the Kryptonian symbol for "hope". 

  • 8mm Red Jasper Natural Gemstones
  • Silver Superman Logo Bead
  • Commercial Strength, Latex-Free Elastic Band
  • Handmade in our Austin Studio

Nurturing | Grounding | Stabilizing | Insight
Primary Chakras: Root, Sacral
Astrological signs: Aries, Scorpio

Red Jasper is a stone of fire and passion! Found in browns and reds, it will stoke your inner fire, helping you to find the strength, endurance, and courage that you’ll need in order to meet your goals.

It boosts the body’s natural chi energies, and helps to purify the blood; thus it provides the power needed to keep ambition and motivation fueled. Red jasper creates overall healing, and enables vivid dream experiences; as well, it helps us to remember our dreams, which naturally means we can learn from our nighttime spiritual journeys as well.

Wearing Jasper can bring helpful insights into view that can help to progress toward set goals, or to understand why a change may be necessary.