FRESH START | Rainbow Quartz | Pave Rabbit Ears Charm Bracelet

$ 60.00 USD

Rainbow Quartz | Rabbit Ears

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MANTRA: Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

  • 6mm Rainbow Quartz Round Gemstones
  • 18K White Gold Finish Pave Rabbit Ears
  • White Gold Finish Steel Slide Bead
  • Grey Nylon Cord | Adjustable Pull Tie Closure
  • Handmade in our Austin Studio

Lucky Rabbit Yoga Chakra Bracelets. Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Reiki Healing Jewelry.

Say rabbit rabbit rabbit on the first of the month and the rabbit will run away with your problems.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit is a superstition found in Britain and North America.

Say rabbit rabbit rabbit out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.

Some versions of the superstition believe it should be the first thing you utter every single morning.

Rainbow Aqua Aura Quartz Beaded Bracelets. Mens Bracelets. Yoga Bracelets. BoHo Jewelry.

Meditation | Spirituality | Improves Relationships | Healing | Removes Negativity | Depression Relief | Grief | Manifesting
Primary Chakras: All | Root | Third Eye | Throat | Heart | Sacral | Solar Plexus | Crown
Astrological signs: All | Aries | Libra | Taurus | Gemini | Pisces | Virgo | Aquarius | Capricorn | Cancer | Leo | Sagittarius | Scorpio

Rainbow Aura Quartz, also called Angel Aura Quartz or Opal Aura Quartz, cleanses the aura and can facilitate deeper and higher levels of meditation. 

Having such a fine vibration, Rainbow Aura Crystals also allow the user to clear away negativity that has previously been resistant, and helps to gently raise energy levels in those who are feeling depleted. 

Rainbow Aura can help to release negative emotions such as stress, depression, resentment or grief

A peaceful and tranquil stone, Rainbow Aura Quartz is useful for communication with Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Teachers.

Rainbow Aura is a perfect piece to use when facing a dysfunctional type of relationship, bringing a deeper insight into the relationship and the wearer's part in it. 

Rainbow Aura is created when Natural Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold, Titanium, Silver or Platinum.  These precious metals condense onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the lattice of the quartz.  By combining the vibrations of Quartz with the precious metals, a synthesis of unique vibrations is created.

Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any manifestation, energy or intention.