GETTING ALONG: Smoky Quartz | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

$ 60.00

Smoky Quartz

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MANTRA: I am more effective by being more selective.

  • 6mm Smoky Quartz Natural Gemstones
  • 18K PL White Gold Slider 
  • Brown Nylon Cord
  • Handmade in our Austin Studio


Removes Negativity | Grounding | Transformation
Primary Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus
Astrological signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Smoky Quartz transforms negative emotions and negative energy patterns – a stone of cooperation. 

Smoky Quartz is said to help overcome depression, nightmares and stress. Ancients used it to stimulate meridians, kundalini, and to correct fertility/PMS/reproductive imbalance. Smoky Quartz crystals, like other brown stones, are closely in tune with the anchoring energy of the earth - heightening your understanding of nature and concern for the environment.

A very powerful metaphysical stone, Smokey Quartz emits a high level of energy. 

Smokey Quartz works with all of the Chakras, but can specifically focus its energies with the Root and Solar-Plexus Chakras. While this stone has a slow and steady energy to it, it is still very powerful in its action. This crystal has a vibe that helps to facilitate the transformation of dreams into reality.

Meditating with Smokey Quartz can bring information from other realms into the physical. Many people who work with Smokey Quartz have reported unusual sightings of spiritual entities.